Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Aftermath of a Storm

Actually, it wasn't much of a storm, as storms go on this coast.  Blustery and wet for a few days.  But, even relatively minor storms can bring huge waves to the coast and watching these is a favorite local pastime.  And why not?  It's totally mesmerizing, enchanting. 

I first went down the the Port of Brookings mid-morning, because I'd heard high surf warnings on NPR and because the sun peeped out.  I barely got started when my camera battery died and I headed home to regroup. Both the above photos were taken then, along with a bunch of others.  This one is looking south, towards Crescent City. 

By the time I returned the sun had shifted entirely, of course, and the tide was much further out than just a couple of hours previously.  Not as exciting to photograph, but still exhilarating to watch.  This time, I walked down and onto the jetty to get a different point of view, looking south once more.  And, because of the light, my camera insisted upon capturing everything in black and white.  That seems to be its answer to bright light in its face, and I haven't found a way to counteract that. 

From my perch on the jetty.  I actually stayed out there for quite awhile, listening to the roar of the surf, the continual, raucous cries of the gulls, enjoying the wind and fresh air.  I shot a couple of videos -- first time out with this camera for that -- but operator trouble prevents me from posting them, as I don't have editing skills and both end rather unceremoniously.  These waves were not as impressive as the earlier ones, but pretty darned nice, regardless.

As I turned to leave the jetty, I was greeted by the sight of hundreds of gulls swirling over the harbor.  By the time I captured the photo, many of them had already landed on the roof of the Coast Guard station, but it was a really lovely sight.

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