Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thomas Creek Bridge - South

Finally, I found a place to see and photograph this bridge.  You must wonder why I went to so much effort, because it's not a particularly scenic bridge, as bridges on this coast go.  But, it is the highest in the state, at 345 feet and that gives it a bit of panache it would not have otherwise.  To get this photo I had to leave the main trail and slither and crawl down a steep side trail to find a basically unobstructed view.  But, now my obsession with this particular matter is satisfied. 

My past trips to this area have focused on the trail that leads from the north side of the bridge -- beautiful, and perhaps my favorite hike in this area -- but I was curious about this one.  My first impression wasn't so good -- the trail that leaves the parking area is steep and rough and not terribly inviting.  Fortunately, this is only an access trail that soon encounters the more pleasant and well-groomed Oregon Coast Trail.  When you reach this first intersection, you'll want to go to your right.  Then, just follow the trail through a nice forest and enjoy the ferns and trees and the sound of the surf filling your senses. 

This tree fascinated me -- was it split by lightning at some point?

As always, I find sunrays breaking through the mist to be exceptionally beautiful.  I was surprised to find a little lingering mist, as Brookings has been clear and sunny since daybreak. We're having one of those lovely, sunny, warmish fall days and I could not resist taking advantage, since days such as this have been punctuated with equal days of rain and grey skies.

To reach this viewpoint, take the left fork at the first opportunity and follow your feet.  Today, a sign attached to a tree pointed the way, but if this area is anything like the Appalachian Trail in Georgia, signs have a way of disappearing!  I wanted to find my way to the bluff in the distance, but when I arrived (the highway sign is for Indian Sands) and tried to photograph the view back up this way, my camera had a hissy fit so I left that for another day.  Fabulous view from over there, even the parking lot, so if you're in this area it's worth stopping to see.

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  1. Next time you're out that way, be sure to check out Rainbow arch and the Devil's Punchbowl. If you get there in the evening, you can see the sunset through the arch, which is a few miles North of Thomas Creek Bridge. For Devils Punchbowl , you park and hike out to Indian Sands, then go North. It's a huge round hole carved out of the cliff there, with a little island in the middle. The sea comes in there fast ans whirls up the sides and back out. Scary, awesome and exhilirating. WE used to go hunting for arrow heads there when I was a kid.