Saturday, August 22, 2009

An Afternoon's Drive

A photographer friend of mine called this afternoon to see if I wanted to go along for a drive on a backroad he recently discovered.  He wanted to check the light, so off we went.  He called it County Road 500.  I can't find that on a map, but I can tell you more or less how to find it.  Follow the North Bank of the Chetco  River up a few miles until you reach a 'Y' intersection.  The main road to Loeb Park bears to the right.  You'll take the left road, which goes quite a distance and is a very good road with interesting vistas.  At the end it becomes gravel, but good gravel, and we bore to the left when we reached a 'T' intersection here, followed the road downhill for about 3 miles to a river which remains unknown, but lovely.  Here are the photo highlights of the journey.
I loved this little shed resting in its thicket of trees and blackberries.  I also liked the way the light was hitting it.

The views to the east up here are terrific, even with all the devastation of past forest fires in the foreground.  This was an unusually clear day here for this kind of distance.

At the end of the County Road there is this wonderful river and parking/turnaround area -- but it's all private property, seriously signed and posted.  We didn't think anybody would mind if we had a quick look, and this is what we found.  It's clearly the underpinnings for some long-forgotten bridge.  I wish I knew the name of the river and the history of this bridge.  I'll ask around and if I find anything interesting, I'll report back.

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