Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Early Morning's Stroll

I arrived in Brookings Thursday about noon. After a crazed day and a half of unpacking, then a bit of rest to recoup energy, I decided to go for a stroll in the early hours of this Saturday morning to discover my new 'hood. This lovely vista is about a half block from home, although there is no way to get down that rocky cliff to the beach below. But that's OK. I just needed a nature fix, an ocean fix, and I got that. As you may know by now, I also love watching the morning sun break through the mist and light the day. I was just in time.

I found a lovely place to sit in privacy and watch that beautiful coast above -- and this is the view to the side from where I sat, when I finally pulled my eyes from the coast. Not bad!

And this one was right behind me.

Lots of wildflowers in the meadow -- many of these sweet iris.

And these.....

All it was a lovely morning's stroll. Next time, I'll try it at sunset.

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